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JD Executive Management LTD.

Giving you back the luxury of time.

About Us


As a dedicated, educated professional with close to a decade of experience in a broad range of executive assistant services, we work as a silent partner that is invested in the success of your business. We possess a “no-task-is-too-small” attitude and have a bold vision of growth, both, personally and professionally. We prioritize tasks with minimal direction and am a master at coming into any situation and streamlining the process. Our main goal is simple:  to grow your business by creating more time for you to focus on the core of your business. It is our experience that, YOU are your best resource in making your business a success, and therefore your time and energy needs to be allocated wisely and efficiently. We know, first hand, that when your business has your undivided attention and energy, it grows and thrives. Our team comes armored with experience, knowledge and the passion to help you reach and exceed your business goals. If you succeed and thrive then so do we.   The various educational backgrounds and extensive work experiences in accounting and human resources allow us to provide a broad span of services to my clients in addition to executive assisting: bookkeeping, payroll, employee compensation systems, hiring and retention practices, employee benefit management, succession planning, scheduling, developing and maintaining annual budgets and much more. Our clients benefit from our expertise, drive, and values. 


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“Our company has been in business for nearly four decades now. Jag is in charge of managing all aspects of our business operations. This encompasses human resources, payroll and the production of monthly and yearly financial statements and projections. Ms. Dhillon has also created a realistic budget for our practice to adhere to. This has resulted in a reduction of our overhead expenses since she took charge of this component of management.”

Dr. Francine Lo, Lo Elliott Orthodontics Inc.

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